Parent Council

Hello all,

My name is Helen Keron and I was elected Chair of the CDHS Parent Council last month, along with Dawn Campbell as Vice Chair, Eileen Hope as Treasurer and Sara Dutton as Clerk.  Thanks very much to them, and all the other parents who attended. 

My son Noah is in S2, and my daughter will be joining in August 2023.  I am the Executive Manager of the Glenkens Community and Arts Trust and live in New Galloway. 

If you’d like to join either the Parent Council or the Parent Forum, then you’re very welcome! 

The next meeting of the parent council is scheduled for Thursday 13th October at 6:30pm in the school.

If you want to contact the Parent Council you can do so using the e-mail address:

The minutes of previous parent council meetings can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

AGM Agenda 2020

Educations Services and Parent Councils – how we work together 


CDHS PC Minutes 7-11-19

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