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S1 Change of Parents Evening letter to parents 2021-22

Letter to Parents and Carers from Jason Leitch National Clinical Director – 16 September 2021

Managing covid in schools

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Alternative certification model info for parents

ACM Letter to Parents-Carers

ACM Letter to Pupils

SQA Message for parents

02.03.2021 Letter to Parents

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20210218 Letter to Parents

20210211 Letter to Parents

Remote Learning CDHS_Dalry Jan 2021

Online Safety _ Parents and Carers CEOP

Back to School CD Jan 2021

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Letter to parents re procedures in PE Dept Nov 2020

COVID advice for parents October 2020

Coronavirus and common colds – 31 August 2020

COVID-19 Advice for Parents 25 08 20

30th June 2020 Director’s Letter to Parents & Carers

Timetable Model to Parents

15 June 2020 – Letter to Parents & Carers – Reopening of Schools in D&G

Police Post 3 Substance Misuse


SQA Information for Senior Pupils from Director

SQA Information for Parents from Director

Police Scotland Information Post

What have we been doing at CDHS in the ASN department during the Covid19 crisis?

April Director Letter to Senior Phase Pupils

University and College Applicants

SQA Certification 2020 – Guidance for learners, parents and carers


Letter to Senior Phase Pupils 20 03 20

JSwinney updated Covid19

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